Congenital rubella natural cures

Congenital rubella Definition

Congenital rubella usually affects the developing fetus during pregnancy when the mother is exposed to the rubella virus, especially the first trimester, as this is known to be highly crucial stage.

Congenital rubella Diagnosis

A serum rubella titer is usually used to measure and detect signs of rubella infection. The increase level of antibodies, the rubella-specific IgG can be a clear indicator of rubella virus. Fetal blood tests and chorionic villus biopsy of the specimen can help provide a definitive diagnosis.

Congenital rubella Treatment

There are no specific therapies for congenital rubella infections. Some medical experts would usually recommend the administering of the immune globulin but this does not ensure prevention.

Congenital rubella Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of congenital rubella include developmental delays, learning disabilities, diabetes, growth retardation, glaucoma, bone marrow, spleen and liver problems, deafness, schizophrenia, eye defects, low birth weight, and malformations of the heart.

Congenital rubella Causes
This medical condition is caused of the rubella virus that invades the patient's upper respiratory tract along with other sites such as the placenta. This effect would include endothelial damage of the fetus' blood vessels.

Congenital rubella by state

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