Congenital nephrotic syndrome natural cures

Congenital nephrotic syndrome Definition

Congenital nephrotic syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the kidney and is characterized by the presence of protein in the urine. This is a rare form of disease that is usually seen among Finnish families. This condition is primarily caused by nephrin in the kidney.

Congenital nephrotic syndrome Diagnosis

Diagnosis for the congenital nephrotic syndrome is mainly based on clinical findings, which usually results from investigations aid in distinguishing the etiology as well as monitoring and planning of treatment. Urinalysis and blood tests are usually conducted to determine and monitor the protein levels.

Congenital nephrotic syndrome Treatment

Hospitalization may not be necessary as long as caregivers are able to provide proper educated parenting and close out-patient monitoring. Intravenous albumin and diuretics are usually administered.

Congenital nephrotic syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Infants with congenital nephrotic syndrome have unusual swelling of the face. Periorbital edema is also quite common among neonatal patients.

Congenital nephrotic syndrome Causes
The congenital nephrotic syndrome has a number of underlying causes. This medical condition can be a result of a utero-infection such as toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, syphilis or as a result of a genetic disease. It is usually an autosomal recessive disorder, which means both parents have to be carriers to transmit the disease to the fetus.

Congenital nephrotic syndrome by state

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