Congenital microvillus atrophy natural cures

Congenital microvillus atrophy Definition

Congenital microvillus atrophy is identified to be one of the leading causes of secretory diarrhea during the infant's first weeks of life. A The medical term microvillus atrophy was initially used to categorize the disease way back in 1982. The typical clinical presentation of congenital microvillus atrophy includes the profuse watery secretory diarrhea that usually starts in the first few hours of life.

Congenital microvillus atrophy Diagnosis

To enable accurate and rapid assessment of the disease, the stool electrolytes along with osmolality are typically measured..

Congenital microvillus atrophy Treatment

There are several drugs have been tried to somehow counteract massive secretory diarrhea of infants. However, none of these medications has proven effective. At present, TPN is the only available therapy Antisecretagogue agents can reduce the stool output. Surgical procedures may also be an option for the transplantation of the small intestines as well as allow the survival of the patient without TPN.

Congenital microvillus atrophy Symptoms and Signs

The three main symptoms of congenital microvillus atrophy primarily include watery diarrhea, failure to thrive and electrolye imabalance.

Congenital microvillus atrophy Causes
Congenital microvillus atrophy is categorized as an autosomal recessive disease. However the pathogenesis of this medical condition still remains unclear. Most infants have clinical findings that suggest dihydropyrimidinase deficiency.

Congenital microvillus atrophy by state

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