Congenital Megacolon natural cures

Congenital Megacolon Definition

Congenital megacolon is more popularly known as the Hirschsprung's disease, which is characterized by a congenital deficiency of nerves in a certain part of the colon. This is usually detected in neonates during the very first 24-hours of the infant's life. This disorder generally causes constipation and difficulty in bowel movements, which can possible develop to stool blockage in the intestine.

Congenital Megacolon Diagnosis

Congenital megacolon can be diagnosed through barium enema x-ray, biopsy and manometry. Early detection can significantly help in corrective surgeries conducted on the patient.

Congenital Megacolon Treatment

Congenital megacolon is typically treated through a surgical procedure known as pull-through operation. There are three different approached under this procedure such as the Soave, the Swenson and the Dumahel procedure.

Congenital Megacolon Symptoms and Signs

Most infants pass meconium naturally but subsequently also present with a marked history of chronic constipation. Among children, the symptoms of congenital megacolon include constipation, abdominal distensions, foul smelling stools, and evident.

Congenital Megacolon Causes
Congenital megacolon is usually diagnosed among new born. It is still largely unknown why the colon nerves stop developing during fetal growth in the womb. This medical condition may also arise along with other complex diseases such as other rare disorders and Down 's syndrome.

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