Complex regional pain syndrome natural cures

Complex regional pain syndrome Definition

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is categorized as a highly uncommon and chronic condition that typically affects the patient's leg or arm. Seldom, the disease may spread and affect other areas of the body. The very nature of this medical condition is this not clearly understood up this day.

Complex regional pain syndrome Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes full review of patient's medical history, bone scan, physical examination, x-ray and full physical examination.

Complex regional pain syndrome Treatment

Treatment options for this medical condition include medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin and ibuprofen. Application of hot and clod compress can also help alleviate sweating and swelling. Physical therapy and sympathetic nerve-blocking medications may also be prescribed for severe cases.

Complex regional pain syndrome Symptoms and Signs

The main symptoms of this condition involve intense pain that is usually described as a burning sensation. Other symptoms associated include skin sensitivity, changes in the hair and nail growth, joint stiffness and damage. Atrophy or muscle spasm may also be experience as well as difficulty in movement of the affected area.

Complex regional pain syndrome Causes
The underlying cause for complex regional pain syndromes is typically associated with reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome, which typically develops after an injury or illness. Other known cause is after and nerve a injury.

Complex regional pain syndrome by state

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