Compartment syndrome natural cures

Compartment syndrome Definition

Compartment syndrome is categorized as an acute medical disorder that usually develops after surgery and injury, where the increase in pressure that is usually caused by inflammation within the body's fascial compartment. Without prompt treatment, this condition can lead to muscle death and nerve damage.

Compartment syndrome Diagnosis

CCS can be best tested for by estimating the pressure within compartments of the muscle. If the pressure is adequately high, a surgical procedure called fasciotomy may be required.

Compartment syndrome Treatment

The treatment of acute compartment syndrome requires surgical treatment which is medically known as fasciotomy in order to allow the return of the pressure. For mild cases, conservative treatments may be provided such as anti-inflammatory drugs, rest, stretching and elevation of the limb.

Compartment syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Among the symptoms associated with compartment syndrome is pain that is usually aggravated by sudden stretching of the muscle group, parethesia, as well as paralysis of the limbs. Patients are usually pulseless.

Compartment syndrome Causes
The common causes of this medical condition includes tibial or forearm fractures, hemorrhages, intravenous drug injection, burns, vascular punctures and prolonged limb compression. This condition does not usually require an emergency. However, the loss of circulation may permanently or temporarily damage the muscles and nerves.

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