Clarkson's disease natural cures

Clarkson's disease Definition

Clarkson's disease, also known as capillary leak syndrome with monoclonal gammopathy is a rare medical disorder characterized by an increased number of certain blood proteins and blood leaking out of the blood vessels. It may develop into plasma cell leukemia when left undiagnosed.

Clarkson's disease Treatment

Once determined, the patient with Clarkson's disease is treated with albumin and extracellular fluid administration, supported with medications such as terbutaline sulfate and theophylline and corticsteroids.

Clarkson's disease Symptoms and Signs

The signs of Clarkson's disease include generalized swelling, low blood albumin level, low blood pressure and high levels of abnormal proteins.

Clarkson's disease Prognosis

When left untreated, Clarkson's disease may cause severe damages as other vital organs in the body may be contaminated with blood.

Clarkson's disease by state

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