Chorea natural cures

Chorea Definition

Chorea refers to an involuntary movement abnormality, a neurological disorder under the group dyskinesias. It is characterized by the sudden movements of the hands or feet without being controlled.

Chorea Treatment

Chorea is treated depending on its associated disease. Chorea in Huntington's disease is treated by dopaminergic antagonists, while Sydenham's chorea is treated by antibiotics to fight the infection.

Chorea Causes

The disease may be a result of other related illnesses and conditions, such as: Huntington's disease Rheumatic fever resulting to Sydenham's chorea A side effect of levodopa, anticonvulsants and antipsychotics Metabolic problems and endocrine issues

Chorea Characteristics and Features

Chorea is exhibited by irregular contractions which are not rhythmic nor repetitive; they appear to be continuous from one muscle to the other. A person with chorea may display 'dance-like' movements added with sudden writhing and twisting actions. Severe chorea exhibit violent motions which are called ballism. Ballism may show peculiar walking and abnormal leg movements, and these manifestations occur without conscious effort.

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