Chondromalacia natural cures

Chondromalacia Definition

Chondromalacia is a degenerative condition of the cartilage cover at the patella or kneecap. It gives dull pain and persistent discomfort around the affected area, and is common among young adults and active people like soccer players, ballet dancers, rowers and tennis players. This condition happens when the kneecap is exposed to great stress or as a result of an injury in the patella.

Chondromalacia Treatment

Cure and medications are given based on where the pain comes from, so treatment procedures will only undertaken when the source of pain is determined. Treatment can be in the form of injection when the pain is caused by an irritation of the saphenous nerve, or physical therapy when one suffers from core instability.

Chondromalacia Causes

There is no specific cause of chondromalacia. It may be because the kneecap has been overused, injured resulting to malalignment, bursitis, core instability or neuromas. It can also occur not only in the kneecap but in other bones as well, like the ankle.

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