Chinese Restaurant Syndrome natural cures

Chinese Restaurant Syndrome Definition

The Chinese restaurant syndrome is a collection of ailments experienced by a person due to the lack of Vitamin B6. Some of these ailments include flushing, sweating, headache and pressure on the face or mouth. Most people believe that this syndrome is caused by monosodium glutamate (MSG), but scientific research has found no link between the two.

Chinese Restaurant Syndrome Historical Background

The term Chinese restaurant syndrome was coined during the 1960s when some people complained about headache, drowsiness and chest pains after eating in a Chinese restaurant. Most Chinese as well as Japanese restaurants use MSG as a flavor enhancer for their dishes, thus people came to believe that the ailments they have experienced are caused by the flavoring.

Chinese Restaurant Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Apart from the common pains mentioned above, people with Chinese restaurant syndrome also suffer from more serious symptoms such as chest pains, palpitations and swelling of the throat. However, CRS can be treated by consuming sufficient amount of Vitamin B6.

Chinese Restaurant Syndrome Findings

Recent studies have found out that MSG is not in any way related to the Chinese restaurant syndrome. It is the lack of Vitamin B6 that causes the symptoms. However, MSG, when taken in large doses, can be a neurotoxin which can lead to the overexciting of the brain synapses.

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