Childhood Leukemia natural cures

Childhood Leukemia Definition

Childhood leukemia is one of the most common cancers that affect children. In this cancer, white blood cells dominate the bone marrow, wherein the red blood cells are produced. The lack of red blood cells in the body is life-threatening since it is the main factor that makes up the blood. This is a well-known cause of death when the disease is not treated.

Childhood Leukemia Diagnosis

Diagnosis of the disease can be done by bone marrow sampling and hemoglobin tests.

Childhood Leukemia Treatment

Childhood leukemia can bet treated by extensive chemotherapy, radiotherapy or multi-drug therapy. A bone marrow transplant may also be required to replace lost red blood cells.

Childhood Leukemia Symptoms and Signs

Children affected by the disease show the same signs as that of leukemia. These include paleness, easily acquiring bruises, weakness and muscle pain. Other cases meanwhile have progressed from hemolytic anemia.

Childhood Leukemia Causes
Childhood leukemia is a congenital defect as the child is born with low red blood cell count.

Childhood Leukemia by state

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