Childhood Asthma natural cures

Childhood Asthma Definition

Childhood asthma is a kind of asthma present in children. It features the same attributes to that of adult asthma, except that it occurs more frequent due to the child's activities. Childhood asthma is present in children with a weak heart or lungs.

Childhood Asthma Diagnosis

Childhood asthma can be observed during attacks, given the premise that the patient has a weak heart or lungs.

Childhood Asthma Treatment

The condition can be improved by engaging in activities and exercises that would make the heart and lungs stronger, such as swimming. Breathing exercises are also helpful.

Childhood Asthma Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of the disease are weak cardio-pulmonary organs, difficulty in breathing, paleness and turning blue during an attack.

Childhood Asthma Causes
Childhood asthma can be a congenital problem among children; it can also be caused by a previous sickness the child suffered during infancy, as well as allergic reactions to certain substances.

Childhood Asthma by state

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