Cherry Hemangioma natural cures

Cherry Hemangioma Definition

A small non-cancerous, red-purple bump on the skin that is typically seen in older adults is called a cherry hemangioma, which is formed from an overgrowth of small veins.

Cherry Hemangioma Diagnosis

Cherry hemangiomas will probably be diagnosed by your health care provider based on the appearance of their growth. A skin biopsy may be used to confirm the diagnosis although no further tests are usually necessary.

Cherry Hemangioma Treatment

The treatment for lesions may be by surgically cutting away the area (excision), or through laser or freezing the area (cryosurgery), or burning away the area (electrocautery). Unless they bleed or are bothering one, cherry hemangiomas do not need to be treated. They may be treated with laser treatment or electrocauterization, or through liquid nitrogen therapy. Liquid nitrogen is a cold, liquefied gas that is sprayed on the skin with a spray gun which works by destroying and freezing the tumor of blood vessels.

Cherry Hemangioma Symptoms and Signs

Raging from a red, small, flat dot to a larger, bright-cherry-red, round topped bump, cherry hemangiomas may be found on any body location. They may be purple than red in color sometimes and rarely demonstrates a dark brown to an almost black color for a cherry hemangioma lesion.

Cherry Hemangioma Causes
Pregnancy, estrogen therapy, alcoholic liver disease and cirrhosis of the liver are among the causes of cherry hemangioma.

Cherry Hemangioma by state

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