Cervicitis natural cures

Cervicitis Definition

It is an inflammation of the cervix.

Cervicitis Diagnosis

Patients may undergo a pelvic exam to check for redness of the cervix and evidence of discharge as well as to check whether the external genitalia look normal. Doctors may also perform a Pap test during which cervix cells are removed for a microscopic examination in the laboratory. A sample of the vaginal discharge may be taken to test for infections.

Cervicitis Treatment

Cervicitis is treated by addressing its cause most of which are cleared by antibiotics. Cervictis that is not caused by an STD may not need treated. However, if it is caused by an STD, an antiviral medication is prescribed. Cervicitis may be prevented through safe sex and undergoing a Pap screening scheduled by the doctor.

Cervicitis Symptoms and Signs

The condition does not usually show some signs or symptoms. However, if there are signs or symptoms, these may include a grayish or yellowish vaginal discharge that may also have an odor, frequent and painful urination, painful intercourse, or bleeding of the vagina after intercourse or menopause and between menstrual periods.

Cervicitis Causes
Cervicitis is often caused by infection with sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, and genital herpes. Other possible causes may be an allergic reaction to either contraceptive spermicides or latex in condoms, or overgrowth of bacteria normally appearing in the vagina.

Cervicitis by state

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