Cerumen Impaction natural cures

Cerumen Impaction Definition

Cerumen impaction pertains to an abnormal accumulation of earwax in the external ear canal. The earwax becomes too tightly packed to the point of causing an obstruction in the said canal.

Cerumen Impaction Diagnosis

Cerumen impaction can be diagnosed with a physical examination of the ear canal and eardrum using an otoscope, or an instrument with a light attached that allows a physician to look inside the canal.

Cerumen Impaction Treatment

Cerumen impaction is usually treated through irrigation, which entails rinsing the ear canal with water from a commercial irrigator or a syringe attached to a catheter. Small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, or antiseptic may be added to the water solution. Following irrigation, antibiotic eardrops are commonly prescribed to avoid infections.

Cerumen Impaction Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of cerumen impaction include partial hearing loss, intense pain, tinnitus, itching, as well as a sensation of fullness in the affected ear.

Cerumen Impaction Causes
Cerumen impaction commonly occurs when earwax is pushed against the eardrum by hair pins, cotton tips, or other objects typically placed at or near the ears. Alternatively, earwax may abnormally build up when trapped against the eardrum by a hearing aid. Less commonly, cerumen impaction may also be caused by an overproduction of earwax by the glands in the ear canal, or certain anatomical abnormalities such as an abnormally shaped ear canal.

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