Cerebral Thrombosis natural cures

Cerebral Thrombosis Definition

Cerebral thrombosis is defined as blood clot that takes place in the cerebral vessel. It is more commonly known as stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack or TIA. TIA is a "mini" or "warning" stroke, but doesn't have lasting damage. There are strokes that damage part of one's brain, and some have permanent injury. TIA is important in foreseeing if a "stroke" will happen and the chance to prevent it. They may occur several days, some weeks, or even a few months prior to a major cerebral thrombosis attack. In approximately half of the cases, stroke happens within a year from TIA.

Cerebral Thrombosis Diagnosis

A doctor can diagnose the condition in several ways, including medical history, physical examination, and tests.

Cerebral Thrombosis Treatment

Depending on the cause or severity of the attacks, treatments my range from different medications and angioplasty or surgery.

Cerebral Thrombosis Symptoms and Signs

It is crucial to know the warning signs of cerebral thrombosis, which includes sudden weakness or numbness of the leg, arm, or face; unexpected confusion, trouble understanding or speaking; sudden problem with vision in both or one of the eyes; sudden difficulty walking, loss of coordination or balance, dizziness; and abrupt, severe headache without known cause.

Cerebral Thrombosis Causes
Cerebral thrombosis, both stroke and TIA, have the same cause wherein a clot obstructs blood supply to portion of the brain. The underlying cause of the blood clot is the buildup of plaques or fatty deposits containing cholesterol in the artery or in one of its branches that supply nutrients and oxygen to the brain.

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