Cerebral Abscesses natural cures

Cerebral Abscesses Definition

Cerebral or brain abscess is a mass of materials such as pus or immune cells that grow inside the brain due to fungal or bacterial infections.

Cerebral Abscesses Diagnosis

Cerebral abscesses are diagnosed by CT scan and MRI procedures. Needle biopsies meanwhile are conducted to identify the organism that caused the abscess.

Cerebral Abscesses Treatment

These abscesses can be treated by means of surgery. Special medications are also given to treat the infection.

Cerebral Abscesses Symptoms and Signs

Among the symptoms of developing brain abscesses are headaches, drowsiness, migraine, pain in the neck, confusion and loss of focus or attention.

Cerebral Abscesses Causes
Cerebral abscesses are cause by bacterial or fungal infections that have spread in the brain. The infected cells as well as the microorganisms that have thrived in the affected area become enclosed in a membrane resulting to a mass. This mass causes swelling, pressure and destruction of the other brain tissues due to congestion.

Cerebral Abscesses by state

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