Cerebellar hypoplasia natural cures

Cerebellar hypoplasia Definition

Cerebellar hypoplasia is a condition which affects the development of the cerebellum. The developmental problem actually results in an underdeveloped cerebellum, smaller than usual in size. Cerebellar hypoplasia may result because of genetics, or can also occur sporadically. The condition is associated with other diseases such as the Walker-Warborg syndrome, Dandy Walker Syndrome, and the Werdnig-Hoffman Syndrome.

Cerebellar hypoplasia Treatment

Although there is no treatment to cure a patient with cerebellar hypoplasia, the treatment given is supportive in nature and can help make living with the condition easier for the patient and family.

Cerebellar hypoplasia Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of cerebellar hypoplaxia differs with infants and children, and with older children. In infants, the symptoms are commonly unhealthy muscle tone, problems with speech and development, seizures, balance and walking problems, mental retardation, and involuntary movement of the eyes. Older children exhibit symptoms such as hearing impairment, clumsiness, dizzy spells, and headaches.

Cerebellar hypoplasia Causes

Genetics, thyroid problems, or environmental factors can cause cerebellar hypoplasia. Among environmental factors are drugs, viral infections, chemicals, or even strokes.

Cerebellar hypoplasia by state

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