Carney complex natural cures

Carney complex Definition

Carney complex (CNC) is characterized as a lentiginosis syndrome and familial multiple neoplasma. Patients with this medical condition are observed to have spotty skin pigmentation, multiple myxomas and tumors of the thyroid and endocrine glands.

Carney complex Diagnosis

Diagnosis of Carney complex is done through physical examination with spotty skin pigmentation considered to be one of the primary indicators. The presence of myxomas as well as the abnormal over activity of the endocrine gland is also a good sign.

Carney complex Treatment

In the treatment for CNC, medical care is mostly restricted to the over activity of the endocrine gland. There is no existing medical treatment for myxomas recorded. For patients with cardiac tumors, a surgical excision is immediately required as well as the removal of symptomatic myxomas found on the skin. In cases where patients have several tumors spread all over the body, chemotherapy and adjuvant radiation therapy can be administered when deemed necessary.

Carney complex Symptoms and Signs

There are a number of signs and symptoms associated with CNC including acromegaly,spotted pigmentation, benign tumors and development of blue skin spots.

Carney complex Causes
CNC is primarily an inherited disorder of an autosomal dominant trait. The particular genes responsible for the said disease have been mapped to bands 17q22-24 and 2p16.

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