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Bursitis Of The Hip Definition

Bursitis of the hip is the inflammation of the bursas in the hip bone or femur. Bursas are sacs that act as cushions to prevent friction among joints. Bursitis is commonly experienced in the shoulders as well as other joint areas.

Bursitis Of The Hip Diagnosis

Hip bursitis can be diagnosed via x-ray images as well as physical and symptomatic observations in the hip area.

Bursitis Of The Hip Treatment

For acute bursitis, treatment is done by injecting anti-inflammatory agents or hydrocortisone on the parts where the illness has developed. Chronic bursitis meanwhile requires surgical removal of the affected bursas.

Bursitis Of The Hip Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of hip bursitis include extreme pain in the hips, as well as tenderness of the affected area.

Bursitis Of The Hip Causes
Bursitis of the hip is caused by a number of reasons. It can be due to preexisting arthritis in the femur, bacterial infections, or small deposits of calcium in the hip bone.

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