Bundle Branch Block natural cures

Bundle Branch Block Definition

Bundle branch block pertains to an obstruction or delay in the electrical impulse pathway that causes the heart to beat.

Bundle Branch Block Diagnosis

To diagnose bundle branch block, an electrocardiogram or an ECG may be done. This is a noninvasive procedure which records the heart's activity. Abnormalities in the wave patterns of electrical impulses usually indicate bundle branch block.

Bundle Branch Block Treatment

There is no direct treatment for bundle branch block. However, treatment is necessary to deal with any underlying health conditions that caused the blockage in the first place, such as a coronary heart disease. Most medications associated with bundle branch block are drugs used to manage blood pressure or reduce the complications of heart failure. In some cases, an artificial pacemaker may need to be implanted.

Bundle Branch Block Symptoms and Signs

Most cases of bundle branch block are asymptomatic. If it does become symptomatic, it commonly presents with fainting or syncope, dizziness, presyncope or near-fainting, and slower heart rate or brachycardia.

Bundle Branch Block Causes
Bundle branch block may result from an injury or damage to the heart muscle, blockage of the heart's blood vessels, or from blockage of the heart impulses that make the heart beat. Even short interference that lasts for only a fraction of a second can cause bundle branch block. In some cases, bundle branch block is a congenital condition. In other cases, the blockage is caused by a number of factors, including: myocardial infarction; thickened or weakened heart muscle; hypertension; and scarring of tissues following a heart surgery.

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