Bovine Tuberculosis natural cures

Bovine Tuberculosis Definition

Bovine TB is a disease that primarily attacks animals that can also be transmitted to humans through aerosols and intake of raw milk. This disease is common in under developed countries.

Bovine Tuberculosis Diagnosis

There are no live tests for the moment for animals that are infected the only way to diagnose the disease is after the animal died.

Bovine Tuberculosis Treatment

Treatment of Bovine TB depends on the kind of animal that was infected by the bacteria.

Bovine Tuberculosis Symptoms and Signs

Bovine TB may not show any symptoms in animals affected thought they can exhibit weight loss and a quick decline in general health. If the disease was acquired through contracted breathing in the bacterium symptoms may include difficulty in breathing, cough and other lung symptoms.

Bovine Tuberculosis Causes
Bovine TB is caused by Mycobacterium bovis and it is mainly found in cattle, deer, elk, bison and goats.

Bovine Tuberculosis by state

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