Bornholm Disease natural cures

Bornholm Disease Definition

Bornholm Disease otherwise known as the Devil's grip, the Epidemic myalgia, or the Epidemic pleurodynia, the Epidemic transient diaphragmatic spasm or The Grasp of the Phantom is a medical condition that is brought about by a viral infection..

Bornholm Disease Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes laboratory examinations to determine the virus, creatinine kinase, undergoing white cell count and undergoing chest x-ray and ECG.

Bornholm Disease Treatment

Treatment includes administration of medicines that are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents and by undergoing therapy that uses heat to muscle affected.

Bornholm Disease Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of Bornholm Disease includes chest pains, pain the upper abdomen, deep breathing, fever, flu-like symptoms, headache and rib muscle tenderness.

Bornholm Disease Causes
Bornhols Disease is said to be caused by a viral virus names as the Coxsackievirus.

Bornholm Disease by state

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