Baby Blues natural cures

Baby Blues Definition

Baby blues is a type of depression experience by mothers after giving birth. It commonly known and diagnosed as the post-partum depression or the post natal depression of mothers after childbirth.

Baby Blues Diagnosis

Diagnosis is made by focusing on the symptoms as they manifest including observation of patient's behavior.

Baby Blues Treatment

Treatment for baby blues includes counseling and therapy.

Baby Blues Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of baby blues includes sudden mood swings, euphoria, crying, impatience, anxiety, low self esteem, vulnerability, intense sadness, increased sensitivity, irritability and restlessness.

Baby Blues Causes
Baby blues is said to be cause by a sudden biological and emotional changes in mothers. The sudden change of hormones in mothers, especially those breastfeeding mothers and weariness of mothers after giving birth are said to be the caused of the baby blue.

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