Apnea, Infantile natural cures

Apnea, Infantile Definition

Apnea is a condition that is characterized by the sudden or spontaneous loss of breathing for 20 seconds or more. Infantile apnea, as its name suggest, occurs in children under 1 year old.

Apnea, Infantile Diagnosis

Diagnosis of infantile apnea is made to those older than 37 weeks and only those with no causes found. Cardiorespiratory monitoring is used at the hospital after medical evaluation and resuscitation.

Apnea, Infantile Treatment

Infantile apnea is a rare condition in healthy and full-term babies. This condition usually resolves as the infant ages.

Apnea, Infantile Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of infantile apnea include an abnormal discoloration of the skin, usually turning blue, an unusually slow heart beat known as bradycardia and a sudden stoppage of breathing when sleeping.

Apnea, Infantile Causes
Infantile apnea may occur due to airflow obstruction in the air passages or a neurological impairment of the baby's respiratory rhythm. Some cases of infantile apnea are associated with the sudden infant death syndrome. Notable symptoms include noisy breathing when asleep, tone changes, color changes (infant becoming bluish or pale) and cessation of breathing.

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