Annular pancreas natural cures

Annular pancreas Definition

Annular pancreas is an extremely rare condition that occurs in 1 out of 15,000 newborns. Annular pancreas is a condition wherein the second part of the "duodenum" is surrounded by pancreatic tissues that continue up to the head of the pancreas. This part of the pancreas constricts the duodenum and impairs or blocks the flow of food to the intestines.

Annular pancreas Treatment

To confirm Annular pancreas in newborns, ultrasound, CT scan, abdominal x-ray and series of upper GI and small bowel can be used immediately after birth. Treatment to Annular pancreas is usually done by bypassing obstructed segments of the duodenum using a process called "duodenostomy". Laparoscopic gastrojejunostomy is another method that can be used to treat Annular pancreas.

Annular pancreas Symptoms and Signs

Early signs of annular pancreas include abnormalities such as polyhydramnios, low birth weight, excess amniotic fluid and feeding intolerance after birth.

Annular pancreas Causes

Annular pancreas is usually associated with abnormal development of embryos. However, Annular pancreas can also occur in adults.

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