Alkalosis natural cures

Alkalosis Definition

Alkalosis is a condition when there is a fleuid and electrolytes imbalance. In this case the base or also called alkali is in higher level. Its opposite is acidosis, which is the acid level of our body, is abnormally high.

Alkalosis Diagnosis

Laboratory test are done to identify the ph of the body or alkalosis are Arterial blood gas or venous blood gas, chem.-20, litmus paper or urine dipstick test urinalysis and urine pH

Alkalosis Treatment

To treat alkalosis is depend on the causative factor. If the cause is decrease carbon dioxide in the body paper, bag breathing is a main intervention to increase the carbon dioxide level in the body. Some alkalotic patients are given medication to correct chemical loss.

Alkalosis Symptoms and Signs

The following are the signs and symptoms of alkalosis, Confusion that can lead to coma, hand tremor, light-headedness, muscle twitching, nausea and vomiting. Paresthesia on face and extremities, and prolong muscle spasm also called as tetany.

Alkalosis Causes
A normal body regulates the balance of the acid and base status. Like the lungs and the kidneys that regulates carbon dioxide (an acid) and bicarbonate (a base). Malfunction of the organs can cause imbalance, a decrease of acid and or increase of base is a condition called alkalosis. Severe vomiting that cause loss of chloride and kidney failure that causes loss of potassium may lead to alkalosis.

Alkalosis by state

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