Acute Idiopathic Polyneuritis natural cures

Acute Idiopathic Polyneuritis Definition

Acute idiopathic polyneuritis, also known as Gullain-Barre syndrome (GBS), is a rare but progressive paralyzing disorder of the peripheral nerves.

Acute Idiopathic Polyneuritis Diagnosis

GBS is determined via electrodiagnostic tests done on the nerves and muscles in the affected areas.

Acute Idiopathic Polyneuritis Symptoms and Signs

This disorder is characterized by burning and tingling sensations of the feet, and is hence followed by weakness of the limbs going up to the face. Other features of the disorder include increased protein levels in the cerebrospinal fluid as well as reduced deep tendon reflexes.

Acute Idiopathic Polyneuritis Causes

It is caused by an autoimmune mechanism that is triggered upon the onset of a certain infection. T

Acute Idiopathic Polyneuritis by state

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